To create value and drive better customer experiences.

Your data is your competitive currency.  But it can be challenging to keep at the cutting edge of the latest technologies and processes to help you manage growing amounts of data, and use it to drive strategic decisions.

Apr 2018

1 Aldermanbury

London EC2V

To help, we’ve brought together a team of experts who will explore how unstructured data can drive new opportunities, better customer experiences and improvements to your organisation.

Join us for the morning at this free event and learn more about:

# Consolidation and rationalisation of your unstructured data

# Next-generation storage strategies that put your data in the right place at the right time for the right price.

# Classification of data for regulatory requirements, GDPR and transition to the cloud

# Unlocking the potential of your unstructured data - unearth valuable business, customer and operational insights

# Real-world client journeys – showcasing how to drive value from data


Introducing the team of experts:


Will Wilkinson, Infrastructure Architect, OCSL
Will has an extensive knowledge of Hybrid IT infrastructures and is passionate about helping organisations to get control of their data.  He‘s currently instrumental in guiding customers from different industries through advanced data assessments, to ensure solutions are closely aligned with their goals.

Jason Normanton. Enterprise Architect, OCSL
Ex-Gartner, Jason is an expert in the managed cloud, virtualisation and organisational structure strategy groups, specialising in infrastructure and operations. Prior to joining OCSL recently, he was a Research Director within Gartner's globally recognised cloud strategy and implementation group. 

Tony Muraki-Hart, Enterprise Architect, OCSL
Tony joins OCSL after 10 years at Microsoft. He focuses on ensuring IT initiatives align with core business objectives and deliver sustainable value. The importance and value of data has pivoted significantly – we need predictive and analytical toolsets to extract insight contained within the vast amounts of data embedded in our applications and infrastructure.

Tony Stranack, Head of Information and Data Strategies (EMEA) at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
Tony has a wealth of experience in working with data and has spent the past 3 years assisting clients develop and implement strategies to reduce storage cost and realise value from their Information assets.

We'd be delighted if you could join us for lunch after the speaker sessions finish at 1pm.  This will be an ideal opportunity for further networking with like-minded peers to discover how they are tackling the common challenges faced by IT teams today.