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Cloud based technology can be a game changer – in 90 mins we’ll show you how

How are you innovating to stay ahead of the increasing pressures being placed on your industry?  With the impact of challenges such as globalisation, changing buyer behaviours and new types of competition, now’s the time to find out about the opportunities that emerging technologies, such as Microsoft Azure & O365, can offer.

Sep 2017

Eight Club - Bank

1 Change Alley

London EC3V 3ND

A cloud based model, whether a Hybrid approach or full cloud, opens a world of possibilities to utilise powerful tools to optimise your clients’ experience.  As well as achieve important cost savings and efficiencies.
If you are in the Financial Services, Insurance or Legal sector, join us to find out more about the benefits of harnessing the cloud and the power of big data, machine learning and AI.

Join us over breakfast and gain insight into 6 key areas:

#1 Streamline and automate case management with machine learning
#2 Deliver flexible and adaptable services using the right channels for your clients with cloud-based apps
#3 Automate processes and deliver cost savings through robotic innovation
#4 Regain control of your data – insight, analysis and predictability coupled with an effective storage strategy
#5 Enhance employee productivity with a secure and mobile digital workspace
#6 Accelerate time to market with fast & cost effective DevTest methods

Located in the City of London, this breakfast briefing will be hosted by Mark Skelton, our Head of Consultancy Services at OCSL. Followed by networking and the opportunity to talk to our consulting team  in more detail until the event closes at 9.30am.


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