To reach their business transformation goals Ted Baker needed an ERP system to improve operations and reduce employee intensive processes. With a collaborative approach, we created the solid platform needed to support future digital retail innovation.

A robust answer for omni-channel retailing 

From its beginnings as a niche shirt specialist, Ted Baker has expanded into a global lifestyle brand with annual revenues of more than £450m. But with rapid global expansion it became difficult to support 2,000 employees and franchises around the world. To support regions more effectively, Ted Baker needed a global ERP system.  To design, build and manage their biggest IT project to date, they wanted partners with major ERP project experience.  To increase their chance of success, Ted Baker turned to HP Enterprise Services and OCSL.

A fresh perspective

Using our established Framework, OCSL’s experts probed business requirements to identify the best platform to support the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. Working in close collaboration with our partners, we selected a Dual DC platform, robust enough to handle the unexpected workloads that go hand-in-hand with fluctuating retail demand. Because AX is accessed 24/7 from operatives all over the world, we made sure high availability requirements were tackled with inbuilt disaster recovery and failover.  

A better answer

After expertly sizing compute, storage and networking, OCSL’s technical team swiftly installed hardware and optimised configuration in HPE’s Data Centre. With HPE, OCSL brought together all the necessary hardware, software and support services to streamline operations and underpin longer-term digital innovation goals. Ultimately, Ted Baker want to match any piece of stock anywhere in the business, with any customer, across any distribution channel.  They now have the robust platform needed for omni-channel retailing.


This is a major business transformation program, so we selected strong, long-term partners.

Dustan Steer

IT Director

Ted Baker

At a glance


  • Design & implement ERP infrastructure


  • Consultancy, On Premise Design & Implementation


  • Platform for global ERP roll out
  • Robust disaster recovery
  • Less employee intensive processes