20 years ago, music was one of the very first industries to bear the brunt of digital disruption. Today, it continues to evolve at breakneck speed. 

To keep up, PRS for Music and PPL needed to dramatically improve their customer experience. Their goal was to streamline access to over 22 million catalogue tracks into a single Amazon-style click or phone call. But to make digital transformation a reality, they needed a scalable, pay-as-you-grow IT model. 

A fresh perspective: 360-degree Modern Workplace Transformation

With OCSL's innovative design, critical apps and systems are now available 24/7 and staff can respond to customer queries on any device, from any location.  Previously teams were siloed and often ended up working in isolation. Now, cloud-based colloboration tools have brought them much closer together. 

Compared to other proposals, our design was the only one that offered a full end-to-end, cloud solution, cleverly combining a secure IaaS with the latest Intelligent Communications in the Cloud

For this project to be a success it was important employees were fully behind the new technology. OCSL-led Innovation Days have really helped drive up user adoption. Not only do employees understand the technology; they can clearly see the benefits. 

Our experts also helped their IT team adopt best practice with robust knowledge sharing and access to our Microsoft Fast Track resources.  Mark Douglas, Chief Technology Officer for PPL summarised our approach:

“OCSL were a lot more willing to go above-and-beyond in the investment of effort and time to understand the challenges our organisation had.  We now have the highly redundant solution in the Cloud we need.” 

For a lot of employees this was their very first experience of collaborative working and many report it has transformed their working day. For example, they can now:

  • Record meetings, take quick polls, run Q&A sessions and add attachments to meetings. These are just a few of the many collaboration tools used by HR, Legal and Customer Services.
  • Get fast, friendly IT support via Teams: employees feel like they are dealing with a human being rather than a “faceless IT guy”. Integration with IT Service Management tools such as ServiceNow and Autotask created even greater levels of efficiency .
  • Access data quickly and easily: spreadsheets and antiquated email chains are history.  Rather than constantly switching between different apps and systems, everything is consolidated in Teams. Estimates put employees as being as much as 5 hours more productive each week.

A full Office 365 Productivity Suite, Skype for Business and Teams have driven up productivity throughout the business.

Security and resilience is delivered via a highly secure network and WAN connectivity to the Public Cloud. An IaaS platform on Azure, hosted in OCSL’s Data Centre, provides the agility, scalability and security needed.

The final piece of this 360-degree modern workplace transformation is a single point of contact for IT support, provided by OCSL's own Support Service.

A better answer

  • A streamlined customer experience: calls are automatically routed to exactly the right area of the business. They can be swiftly responded to with Instant Messenger or Skype for Business - from any device, from any location.
  • Greater collaboration: Teams is THE central hub for collaboration. It provides a secure, highly reliable platform to exchange ideas and have inter-departmental conversations.  Anyone can now do their best work, from wherever they are. 
  • A more mobile workforce: field-based sales teams now have secure access to data and devices on-the-go.
  • Pay-as-you-grow IT investment: a cloud-first approach and OCSL’s Microsoft CSP status have helped deliver 44% savings. (Compared to the previous CAPEX model.)
  • Reduced telephony costs: external phone calls are now handled via Enterprise Voice via a Cloud PBX.

This leading player in the music industry now has the infrastructure to scale and adapt as the industry continues to evolve at a blisteringly fast pace.  Their Chief Executive concluded: 

“We sought a partner to design, deliver and manage a workplace technology solution for a business that will be invoicing more than £270M per annum.  OCSL were selected for their innovative, flexible and scalable cloud solution for a complex set of needs.  We're now digitally ready, for anything” 


  • 44% first-year savings via OPEX/CSP licensing 
  • 70% reduction in office space costs 
  • x5 hours greater productivity per employee


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OCSL were selected for their innovative, flexible and scalable cloud solution for a complex set of needs

Leading UK Music Giant

Chief Technology Officer

Leading UK Music Giant

Modern Workplace Overview


Design, build and support a 360-degree workplace transformation:

  • Microsoft Productivity Suite including Office 365, Skype for Business & Teams
  • Cisco Meraki LAN & WiFi
  • OCSL Cloud Route
  • IaaS via OCSL Managed Services
  • Microsoft Azure from Active Directories
  • 5-year CSP Service support (helpdesk to 3rd line) 
  • End User hardware: HP workplace, iPhone 6


•    44% first-year savings via OPEX/CSP
•    70% reduction in office space costs 
•    x5 hours greater productivity per employee