With our expert help, the UK arm of shipping giant, The Mediterranean Shipping Company, made unreliable, slow Remote Access a distant memory.  Operations, sales and marketing teams now quickly access systems and applications around the clock on any device.

A fresh approach to mobile working 

To achieve their goal of anytime, anywhere working, Remote Access needed to be a robust reality for 600 UK staff interacting with 155 agents and customers around the world.  Existing, dated software was slow and frustrating to use. With over 200 routes and 315+ ports of call, communication with colleagues and customers needed to be swift and efficient. On-the-go access to email, storage files, the main system and bespoke applications needed to be faster and more reliable.  Impressed by OCSL’s expertise, MSC UK asked us to come up with an alternative to their existing dated software.

A fresh perspective

In just four months, we designed, implemented and tested a brand new virtual desktop solution.  Given previous levels of user disappointment, the implementation needed to be faultless.  Our expert team made sure each stage of the project was thoroughly tested before moving on to the next.  We looked beyond the immediate Remote Access challenges to Disaster Recovery.   In the event of a system failure, it’s now business-as-usual. Users are transferred to a backup site with absolutely no loss of service.  We made sure knowledge transfer was seamless, working openly and transparently with the IT team at MSC.

A better answer

With our help, offering excellent customer service is now possible.  Drivers log delivery signatures promptly on PDS devices, haulage users and ships planners access the information any time of day or night and sales teams can provide timely quotes. Their IT team no longer has to fire-fight Remote Access issues on a daily basis and users actively request access to the new software. With our broad knowledge of virtual desktop, virtualization technologies and hardware we were able to deliver the robust Remote Access MSC UK needed.  

OCSL’s knowledge and experience has been invaluable in achieving the outcomes we wanted from this project. Remote Access is so easy to install and use, which means more of our users are now willing to connect in remotely.

Lyndon Firman

IT Manager

Mediterranean Shipping Company (UK) Limited

At a glance


  • Create robust, scalable Remote Access using Citrix


  • Consultancy and Implementation


  • Faster Remote Access
  • Simpler, quicker software installs
  • Robust disaster recovery