Together OCSL and Luton and Dunstable Hospital have broken through the constraints of using Cloud in the NHS. By taking a brave, new direction, performance and efficiency have soared while data and systems have been kept safe.

Ground-breaking roadmap for digital transformation 

Luton and Dunstable Hospital faced a challenge common to most Public Sector organisations: how to do more with less? Following a major power outage, Luton’s initial priority was to modernise its ageing infrastructure. Longer term, they needed a digital roadmap to push boundaries and maximise investment.  Luton turned to OCSL to help them clearly see what the future could look like.

A fresh perspective

With our support, Luton made the bold move to a secure Hybrid IT environment. Using CloudRoute, OCSL’s own high-performance connection to the Public Cloud, Luton now run non-critical systems securely in the Public Cloud. A customized private cloud, hosted in OCSL’s own leading edge data centre, has given Luton the power to securely access patient data on demand. Using CloudControl, OCSL’s management portal, Luton fine tune capacity to public or private clouds in a simple click.

A better answer

By reducing latency time to 9 milliseconds medics can access systems across multiple devices for more efficient diagnostics and treatment.  Software upgrades & roll outs to 4,000+ staff have been streamlined from weeks to days. With the significant investments saved, Luton are taking even bolder steps.  An integrated patient portal, and Facebook-style apps are planned to improve patient access and care. Together, OCSL and Luton have created a blueprint for other NHS trusts to follow.

In this sector every penny counts. Being able to tier workloads using OCSL’s Hybrid Cloud means we saved over 40% in IT CAPEX

Philippa Graves


Luton and Dunstable University Hospital NHS Foundation Hospital Trust

At a glance


  • Deliver a digital roadmap to maximise investment


  • Hybrid Cloud/Managed Services


  • 40% saving in capital investment
  • 99.95% uptime for 100+ critical IT systems
  • Upgrades now take days, not weeks