Pioneering thinking leads to exponential growth

On first meeting ERP Software Provider Kerridge Commercial Systems (KCS), OCSL quickly got the measure of their infrastructure issues. Together, we took a brand new approach, breaking through the constraints of their previous shared cloud service, to drive future business growth.

A fresh perspective

While improving service experience was essential, so too was the flexibility to scale up as business grew. We quickly understood KCS required an unconventional approach. We put our heads together to create a private cloud platform unrivalled in the market place. We helped KCS make the transformational move from an inadequate shared service to an enterprise-class platform.

A better answer

K8 now runs successfully in a private cloud, held in our leading UK Data Centre. Its users rely on the software to keep their distributive operations running smoothly on a daily basis. Performance is no longer the frustrating issue it once was and capacity scales effortlessly to match demand. KCS’s customers choose the connection option that’s best for them - a private leased line, VPN, or for ultimate performance, a dedicated platform. Our partnership continues to evolve and OCSL now offers support services, such as Disaster Recovery and Remote Management, directly to KCS’s own customers

With OCSL’s Cloud, we are able to deliver secure, scalable Software-as-a-Service, fundamental to our and our customers’ growth.

Martin Turbitt


Kerridge Commercial Systems

At a glance


  • Deliver a high-performance, hosted cloud for the future


  • Platform as a Service


  • 70 new customers in 3 years
  • 45% performance improvement
  • 70% faster backup