We helped Hyde Housing see beyond immediate performance issues. With exacting analysis, we identified a new future in the Cloud. And with a different perspective we helped push virtualisation technology to its full potential.

Expert analysis helped to maximise investment

Hyde Housing urgently needed to update systems and improve performance. They needed a partner experienced enough to dig deep. One not afraid to challenge existing preconceptions. As a leading UK Housing Association, delivering value for money was key. To understand the true value of Cloud and identify a vision of the future, Hyde turned to OCSL.

A fresh perspective

Using OCSL’s robust Cloud Enablement Framework, our far-reaching analysis helped Hyde understand current systems to shape future direction. No stone was left unturned. End user, applications, servers and data centres were all rigorously analysed. As a result underused VMware hypervisor technology was immediately enlisted to boost performance. We helped Hyde immediately drive value from existing investments.

A better answer

Impressed, Hyde appointed OCSL to build a new custom system delivered from our own leading Data Centre. Moving to a Tier 3 facility with the latest power and cooling technology has given Hyde the stability it needed. Improved performance has already made a measurable difference for end users. And with our robust analysis, the Hyde IT team have secured buy-in and resources to start their well-planned move to the Cloud.

De-commissioning 70 servers felt great! Moving to a Managed Service has delivered immediate savings to re-invest back into the business.

Sergio Cruz

Programme and Delivery Manager

Hyde Housing Association

At a glance


  • Improve performance/create a Cloud strategy


  • Managed Service/Consultancy


  • £200k/year IT savings
  • Rapid improvement in performance
  • A clear goal-driven vision for Cloud