Retail Case Study IoT. From London to LA, this American fashion brand needs to keep hipsters around the world impressed with ever-shinier retail concepts. But to make the customer experience better than ever, they need to analyse in-store behaviour to drive real-time marketing offers & promotions.  In turn, this required an infrastructure connected 24/7, at every point in the retail lifecycle. With our expert help, this retail giant is now set to push the boundaries of retail IoT connectivity with a global WiFi roll-out in 177 of their stores, worldwide.

Rivet-tough International Project Management

With over 177 stores, multiple time zones, cultural differences and a fixed launch date, this deployment needed a deep understanding of managing projects internationally. The retailer’s US IT partner asked our International Projects Team to take the lead.  Collaborating closely, we initially tackled WiFi deployments across 10 pilot locations in Far East Asia. Extreme variations in time zones, laws, customs and language had previously made these locations some of the toughest to deploy to. But with our robust international expertise, we’ve changed this retailer’s approach to tackling international IT deployments.

70% of retailers will use IoT to improve the customer experience*
73% of retailers rate managing big data as important or business-critical to their operations.

78% of retailers say it is important or business-critical to integrate e-commerce and in-store experiences, so an omnichannel experience is delivered to every customer.

A fresh perspective

The OCSL team were aware any delay in the distribution of the new technology to stores could severely compromise the global WiFi launch deadline. Our international experts made sure the Aruba WiFi switches & components were sourced and despatched from HPE’s global hubs with military precision. In every location we made sure shipments arrived in time for OCSL’s engineers to complete the final installation. Despite the time differences, with regular updates and accurate briefings, we made sure the retailer’s IT team in Dallas were fully in control of budgets & timelines.  Impressed with the initial pilot, OCSL and their US partner were then asked to complete the entire global WiFi roll out across 10 countries in 177 locations. Additionally, OCSL’s remit was expanded to manage end-to-end project management, including full in-store deployment.

A better answer

With our expertise, IT deployments around the world have become significantly quicker and easier for this global retailer. So much so, they have been able to dramatically condense their supplier list. OCSL is now only one of two suppliers used for international deployments.  And with our stronger global standards in place, they are now tackling previously impossible projects.  The IoT movement offers retailers opportunities in three critical areas: customer experience, the supply chain, and new channels & revenue streams*.OCSL are helping this global brand bring their digital IoT strategy to life around the world. With real-time, in store promotions and on-the-fly analysis, this iconic brand’s customer experience is on track to be more inspirational than ever.

 Retail Case Study IoT - Outcomes

  • Quicker international deployment
  • Consistent global standards
  • Deeper data insight with global IoT 

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*Zebra 2017 Retail Vision Study US 

We needed a trusted partner, who could provide a follow-the-sun, IT turn-key solution, anywhere in the world. OCSL does this effortlessly

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Technology & Solution overview

  • Update International stores with HPE Aruba WiFi Network Switches
  • Project manage solution distribution with HPE global distribution centres
  • Global WiFi roll out in 177 stores around the world
  • Manage in-store installation