A major IT transformation project for one of the world’s best-known manufacturers of aero engines was in danger of running over budget and behind schedule. OCSL’s Project Services team rapidly injected the right calibre IT skills to bring the project back on track and deliver it on time and under budget.

OCSL’s experts delivered on time & below budget 

A global aero engine manufacturer needed to drive up efficiency by moving to a shared services IT model. When the lead Systems Integrator managing this project encountered out-of-scope issues, they selected OCSL to help them turn the project around. We quickly analysed we could reduce work stream delivery times by 50%. With the right experts in place, we designed and built the platforms for 52 business critical applications, and 1000’s of other applications, in a new shared data centre, on time and under budget. 

A fresh perspective

Quick to respond to rapidly changing requirements, we planned resources daily, including next-day placements and night-time & weekend working. Any additional out-of-hours costs were offset by the reduction in overall programme length. Our deep technical knowledge and broad, enterprise-level experience allowed experts to take the lead on key work streams. By introducing Application Lifecycle Management for platform catalogue items, we cut test preparation time by 60% and with a standardised software library we reduced Linux build process from four days to two.  

A better answer

The OCSL team accelerated a programme that was two months behind schedule and moved it a month ahead.  Stringent quality standards were maintained throughout the project.  As a mark of our quality and agile approach, 3 of the OCSL Project Services team received a Certificate of Excellence in Programme Delivery. In all three cases, our experts completed their project work in seven weeks, a massive 13 weeks ahead of schedule. With our help the lead Systems Integrator met the original deadline and re-established the financial viability of the project.   


We required a partner that could offer agility and flexibility while bringing time, cost and quality into the equation.


of Account & ITO Delivery

Global Aerospace Client

At a glance


  • De-risk exisiting project


  • Project Services


  • On time, on budget programme delivery
  • 67% faster delivery of work streams
  • Stringent quality standards
  • Seamless integration into project team