A fresh perspective

Using the latest heatmap technology our experts focused on the high-density areas such as internal departure lounges, baggage collect and bag drops.  Following our comprehensive analysis of current Wi-Fi, we then carefully architected the backend infrastructure to support 2000+ wireless access points in high availability configuration. Each passenger terminal now runs with seamless failover between sites.  Because WiFi has been designed to support the legal maximum number of customers allowed, customers and staff enjoy fast, high performance WiFi.

A better answer

Passengers now enjoy a seamless, stress-free travel experience powered by beacon technology and a travel app. Push-style notifications guide passengers to where the need to go – from the carpark, into the terminal facilities and onto their carrier. From a commercial perspective, real-time behavioural data provides an opportunity to drive customer spend on-site. Both before they arrive and after they leave. In turn, this has helped to retain and acquire leading high street brands, such as Starbucks, Next, WH Smith and Marks & Spencer as retail tenants.  Real-time operational data and RFID tagging will drive further operational efficiencies. It will help to track down important assets such as wheelchairs, trolleys and luggage. It will help ensure they’re ready and waiting for passengers whenever and wherever they are needed.


  • Free, easy to use Wi-Fi access
  • Seamless customer experience
  • Data-driven marketing & insight


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It’s critical we maintain our reputation as being technologically advanced. We’re moving towards streamlining the travel experience and technology is playing a critical role.

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Leading UK Passenger Terminal

At a glance - IoT Travel Case Study


Streamline customer experience & drive insight with connected WiFi


Design & build of WiFi solution

Technology & Solution overview

  • 2,500 Aruba access points (various models)
  • Aruba 7000 controllers
  • High availability “BAU” failover between sites
  • Aruba ClearPass Software