For this online financial trading organisation storage had become expensive and time consuming to maintain. Now, with OCSL’s help, they have a high-performance Flash Data storage solution plus robust global support. As a result, they are scaling new heights of data efficiency. And with comprehensive support in place, they are offering investors the best platform experience, any time of the day or night.

  • 33% faster backup
  • 60 second visibility on storage

A fresh perspective

In a world where ROI is everything, our experts quickly convinced this client that HPE 3PAR would provide a more efficient answer to storage. It would provide the always-on, high-performance storage they needed. “The closeness of your partnership with HPE made a difference. By matching the solution so closely to our requirements you gave the project the best possible chance of success.” commented their Head of IT Production Infrastructure.  “For us downtime isn’t an option. We needed to be certain, we could resolve any issues immediately. And with your global support, we now have that confidence.”  With OCSL’s robust project management, migration from the old to the new platform took place without impacting the business.  When an additional array was needed in an overseas office, we responded with swift agility. OCSL project managed the end-to-end design, shipping and installation, all from the UK.

A better answer

The new storage solution has made a significant difference. Storage performance and responsiveness improved across the board. The IT Production DBA team noticed the difference straight away. Batch operations run much faster and additional capacity can be swiftly allocated to different teams, services and projects.  With API’s plugged into data analysis tools, real time insight is used to optimise performance. “We have per-second visibility into our storage array performance, which was not previously possible,” commented the Head of IT Production.  “Disk backup times decreased by 33% and snapshots of data can be created of any point in time.” With comprehensive support in place, their IT team are now free to switch their focus to innovation. Without this investment, their existing storage platform would have struggled to keep pace with the demands of the business.  Now, they have the solid foundation needed for future growth and innovation.

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Online Financial Trading Orgnisation

Head of IT Production Infrastructure

Trading & Investment

Flash Data Storage Solution Overview


Build scalable storage to underpin growth


Storage design, migration, build & support


  • 33% faster backup
  • Per second visibility on data
  • Greater IT & data efficiency

Flash Data Storage Solution  - Technology and Solution Overview

For the UK infrastructure:

  • 3 HPE 3PAR StoreServ 20450 arrays
  • HPE 3PAR File Controllers

For the Australian infrastructure:

  •  HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8400 array
  •  HPE B-Series SAN Switches
  •  HPE 3PAR File Controllers

 HPE Datacentre Care Support