Whether you’re looking to stabilise, migrate, improve or innovate, we’ll help you identify the best options.  In this 1 day, no obligation, OCSL-funded workshop, we uncover key challenges, to identify better answers.

Agenda: Enablement Workshop

10.00am – Introductions and background

10.30am – Your business vision & tech strategy

11.15am – Your business & IT environment

12.00pm – How HPE New Technologies combine with OCSL Services to provide Hybrid IT platforms to drive up productivity and reduce overheads

13.30 – Lunch

14.15 – Demo of Cloud Control (managing on-prem, private and public workloads via a single pane of glass)

15.00 – ROI: best practice & outline approach

16.00 – Next steps, actions summary and timelines

We’ll focus on relevant topics to you, but can look at:  Test/Dev, Backup, Storage, Disaster Recovery, Business Agility, Compute Options, Identity, Access & Security.

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What our clients say:
“Without this analysis, we may have invested in technology we didn’t properly understand.”
Sergio Cruz, Programme and Delivery Manager.”
Hyde Housing Association

OCSL were efficient and knowledgeable. With the help of OCSL, we had a plan and it worked out very well.

Graham Fox

IT Senior Technical Operations Manager


Identify the best Cloud options with an Enablement Workshop