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HP IT Support

OCSL provides a broad range of support services.

To contact support or to request a quote, please email contractsupport@ocsl.co.uk.

We hold the status of Service One Expert for HP, one of a handful of UK partners to have achieved this premier level of service partnership.

As an Service One Expert, OCSL can provide and deliver HP Care Pack Services, HP Contractual Services and HP Professional Services.  This means we manage HP support contracts on behalf of our clients and provide front line support account management.

Our support division has a specialist team with over 20 years’ experience in providing support solutions to clients and provides dedicated account management.

Our dedicated team of Service Contract Specialists manage more than 250 client support agreements worldwide, saving time, simplifying the maintenance administration process, reducing maintenance costs and providing a single interface for liaison purposes.

As a directly contracted partner for HP, we provide high levels of support whether you have a single HP solution or many sites.

HP Care Pack Services

HP Care Pack Services are support packages that expand and extend standard warranties for HP hardware and software; making buying and renewing support for easy and flexible.

HP Care Pack Services range from hardware and software support, installation services, education services as well as premium support options to meet the needs of business-critical IT environments.

Whether they are purchased to get new systems and services up and running sooner or provide proactive support to help prevent system downtime; HP Care Pack Services from OCSL make it easy to find the right support  for your business - whenever and wherever you need it.

HP Contractual Services

OCSL is able to upgrade service levels from standard warranty to an HP contract. This is available at point of sale and post sale via our dedicated support team.

An HP contract provides flexibility in being able to change service levels, higher or lower, add and remove systems as they are purchased or decommisoned and still fully managed by OCSL as a direct partner.


Evaluation Services

Free Warranty Check or HP Contract Review and Consolidation Service.

OCSL can offer warranty or support checks to ensure your business is supported at the correct support levels required.

Simply send us a list of serial and part numbers and we can provide a detailed report of support on those products.

OCSL also offer an HP Contract Review and Consolidation Service whereby we are able to offer a free onsite audit and a detailed support analysis. This service has proven invaluable to new clients at the start of our business relationship with them.

Multivendor Services

OCSL are also able to provide multivendor support for a variety of vendors including: Dell, IBM, Symantec, Cisco, VMware, Citrix, Sun, Oracle, Redhat and Microsoft.

24 Hour Call Logging facility

OCSL provide a dedicated 24 x7 call logging facility for our clients, where you can raise support calls with HP.  You will need to provide detail of the fault and this will be logged with HP on your behalf and then HP will contact you directly to resolve the fault.

We also have a dedicated team in business hours to help with any escalations that may be required.

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