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acceSSOnce Clinical Desktop Solution

OCSL have pioneered the development of acceSSOnce, a Clinical Desktop Transformation Solution.

acceSSOnce improves the way Clinical and Business users interact with IT within NHS organisations delivering tangible benefits to all. 

"A solution fit for the 21st Century healthcare" Luton and Dunstable University Hospital.


acceSSOnce delivers tangible benefits to all clinical users

It enables a clinician to log in to any application, on any device, in any location seamlessly, without the need for multiple passwords. This means clinicians can roam between a PC in a consulting room, a shared machine on a ward, or even a mobile device from home and their applications will remain open so they can continue working.

Patient Context

acceSSOnce adds Patient Context.

As new applications are opened, the clinician will automatically be placed into the same patient’s record, without having to search for them.
This dramatically reduces wasted time and clinical risk associated with misaligning patient information.

Business Users and IT

The solution extends beyond the clinical teams to the business users within the Trust, providing them with the same ‘any application, any device’ experience. This facilitates a more flexible working pattern for users and allows IT staff to proactively support a wider range of devices such as iPads and tablet PCs.

Information Governance, security and reliability are paramount; acceSSOnce enables organisations to set policies based on people, devices and locations providing a full audit trail to underpin an organisation’s security model.

Why Healthcare Providers are using acceSSOnce

Provide a user centric application and desktop delivery from the datacentre (2nd Generation VDI).

Accelerate logon speeds and session persistence, regardless of location or device.

Enable BYOD and development of mobile strategies.

Deliver a “follow me” clinical desktop including single sign on and patient context.

Enable desktop transformation from traditional “thick client” to a more agile optimised desktop estate.

Enhance and simplify desktop management Trust wide.

Why acceSSOnce from OCSL

Single solution, provides end to end in a building block approach to delivering a proven, robust clinical desktop.

Single partner – OCSL to de-risk your roll out and accelerate adoption.

We are a highly accredited and recognised, Healthcare focused partner with over 8 years experience in delivering complex solutions to the NHS.

At OCSL we offer bespoke additional support and managed service solutions to support acceSSOnce from our dual N3 connected data centres. 

Benefits acceSSOnce can bring your organisation

Make it simple to deploy - start in one ward, then scale across the Trust as required.

Reduced clinical risk – due to Patient Context.

A modular approach for functional selection from pure 2nd Gen VDI through to SSO or Context with a phased deployment.

Ease of adoption.

Already delivered on Microsoft Server 2012 and Windows 8.

Simplify desktop transformation with unified “thick & thin“ desktop management solution.

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acceSSOnce provides a clinical desktop solution enabling a follow-me desktop across multiple devices.

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